Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lucky number 13

Today is a pretty significant day as it was the last of my Zoladex hormone injections. How fast 2 years flies when your having fun?! In this time I've had thirteen injections into my stomach and I'm pretty glad to not be having any more! Though I will miss chatting to Stina as she tries to persuade me to relax my stomach muscles. Good core tension is amazing for climbing but not for getting an implant to stay under the skin.

Fat needle! Unfortunately it retracts after use so no photos of its proper fatness

Tomorrow is my bianual mammogram in Chester though I've had a trip to A+E in the Western Infirmary inbetween; so maybe 13 wasn't so lucky after all! Once again I went over the handlebars on my bike but luckily didn't break my hand or my shiny pink jacket. The GUM Club gathering in the waiting room greatly improved that trip, alongside watching wasted freshers wandering in. However even for me, I think that 3 hospital visits in under 24 hours is a bit extreme!
EMLA cream always makes life better. Although trying to explain the little window plaster to a the till lady in Boots was interesting.... 

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