Sunday, 14 October 2012

A good way to double your daily cycle....

... is to get completely lost. If this happens to be in the rougher parts of Glasgow then you keep cycling fast! My Knightswood/Yoker detour wasn't too extreme fortunately. The route will definitely be a lot easier next time. Carrying a bike over a couple of central reservations in order to avoid ending up on the M898 is a mistake you only make once! Fairly typical Roo new routing I must admit; I once spent an entire morning zig zagging in and out of the south of Edinburgh as I kept missing Morningside.
Blue is where I should have gone, red is where I actually went. Ooops.
I realised that I've become accustomed to my 5 mile sprint to work each morning so decided that cycling over the Erskine Bridge is a good way of doubling the distance every once in a while. Hopefully this will help my last minute OMM training (2 weeks left EEEK!) maybe I can keep it up for some extra winter fitness too. I had hoped to get a quick boulder in at Dumby but looks like the dampness has set in for the autumn. Really hoping that the weather forecast isn't lying about tomorrow, a bouldering trip is definitely the best way to start a day in work!
Just before it all went wrong! The bridge is definitely
easier than the tunnel. The Romanian cyclist in
front of me was getting just as lost, but then he wasn't 'local'.
My Clic Sargent fund is now up and running! Which is pretty exciting, hoping to raise £500 by the end of the OMM so dig deep folks.

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