Monday, 22 October 2012

Less than a week to go!

Pretty pleased that I am over half way to my target fund raising! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, hopefully we can storm the target by the start of the race.

I happened to be back home in Chester for an afternoon this weekend so decided it was probably wise to try another run in the Peckforton hills. Unfortunately I got quite bad shin splints running in my fell running shoes, which has made me a lot more sceptical about the weekend. But then again I won't be running in the middle of a 35km cycle for the OMM... I also won't have spent a morning training at Rockover bouldering wall either! Judging from this last performance, I think I may well end up walking a lot of the OMM. Luckily I am very confident of my navigating abilities! (famous last words...) I know I need to have active rest for the next week so I think this will probably be my last attempt at running.

Somehow running about Cheshire doesn't make me as psyched as running around Chamonix! But a pleasant afternoon nonetheless.
Other than last minute training/resting and advertising to psyche myself up, I am having to gather a lot of kit that I wouldn't normally take on the hill. As I normally ruin kit I tend to go for bombproof over lightweight, which isn't going to be totally amazing for my knees! So out on a begging/borrowing mission to complete my kit list; the first item of which is Brians' bag. It also slipped my mind that we would have to find somewhere to stay on the Friday night so it's a good job that it looks like 2 of the 3 GUM club girls teams have a big tent to share, yay! If anyone has an uber lightweight sleeping bag I can borrow, please send me a message....
I was just invited on a run to test out the weight of our packs, but currently my kit selection is not looking entirely complete....

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